SACRAMENTO— Hundreds of new laws will take effect in 2014 and some will have major local impacts.

Assembly Bill 1213, the Bobcat Protection Act, takes effect Wednesday.

The law was enacted in October to prohibit commercial trapping of bobcats in a boundary around Joshua Tree National Park. The bill was spurred heavily by outcry in the Morongo Basin over bobcat trapping on private property and property near the national park.

Starting this week, commercial trapping will be gradually outlawed in areas adjacent to boundaries of each national or state park and national monument or wildlife refuge, where bobcat trapping is already prohibited.

Trappers can no longer set traps on private property without written consent from the owner.

A provision in the bill also calls for the Fish and Game Commission to consider prohibiting commercial bobcat trapping near other preserves and conservation areas throughout the state by 2016. The Bobcat Protection Act of 2013 will take effect in mid-trapping season.

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