The Bobcat Protection Act is moving towards implementation, with tremendous support for a complete prohibition on commercial bobcat trapping in California. Faced with the reality that a statewide ban is now a very real possibility, a pro-trapping Senator has introduced SB 457, which would change The Bobcat Protection Act and subtly render its protections meaningless. SB457 was created to sabotage the powerful bill that we all have worked so hard to pass.

SB457 is in it’s infancy. This week the bill was heard by the Senate Committee on Natural Resources and Water, which seemed poised to reject it. The pro-trapping senator asked for a two-week delay in the vote, and the bill will now be heard on April 28. We think the sentiments of the Senate Committee are with us at this time, but we must reassure them that a “nay” vote represents the wishes of the public. SB457 must not advance to the Senate floor.

Please select one or more of the following points in crafting an email to Committee Members. Your letters can be brief. PLEASE USE YOUR OWN WORDS.


Subject Line: OPPOSE SB457

Talking Points:

  • I oppose bobcat pelt trapping in California period.
  • SB457 is designed purely to undermine AB1213, The Bobcat Protection Act, which has already been signed into law after passing in the Senate 42-21 in 2013.
  • The implementation of The Bobcat protection Act is underway, very near finalization. SB457 will destroy 2 years of advances.
  • Along with thousands of other individuals, you have been tirelessly writing and calling for two years to support the passage of AB1213, and to encourage the Fish and Game Commission to consider a statewide ban on the pelt trapping of our bobcats. Dozens of citizens from around the state have traveled to meetings and hearings at their own expense to state their support of a statewide ban.
  • Bobcats have large territories and are easily lured to traps with pheromones and other devices. By stripping or shrinking buffer zones around protected areas, the buffer zones will become ecologically meaningless. The bobcats within National and State Parks and Refuges will be easily harvested, like fish in a barrel.
  • Bobcats are important to our ecosystem, and face challenges from drought, secondary rodenticide poison, and habitat loss. We have already lost effective numbers of our other apex predators. Depletion through trapping must stop.
  • Wildife tourism in California has great economic benefits to the state as a whole. Trapping has little or no benefit to the population of California.


We encourage you to email a copy to your district Senator. Here is a link to locate your Senator:


Re: SB 457 (Nielsen) bobcats– STRONG OPPOSITION

Dear Chair Pavley,

I’m a resident and small business owner, based in Los Angeles County.

I oppose ANY pelt trapping of bobcats in California. Currently, the California Fish and Game Commission is carefully considering management options for AB1213, The regulations for the Bobcat Protection Act are to be released in June with consent in August. Consideration of SB 457 at this or any other time would be regressive, obstructionist, and render protections meaningless.

Thank you so much for your careful review of this and so many other critical wildlife matters.


John Doe

Address, email, phone



Re: SB 457 (Nielsen) bobcats– STRONG OPPOSITION

Dear Senator Monning,

Thank you so much for your strong record on environmental legislation.

As a constituent, I am asking you to please consider the critical role that our few remaining predators play in our ecosystem. I oppose the continued depletion of bobcats due to commercial trapping. It is time for modern wildlife management policies.

You supported AB1213 in 2013. Please follow the spirit of this bill by opposing SB457.


John Doe

Address, email, phone



Re: SB 457 (Nielsen) bobcats– STRONG OPPOSITION

Dear Senator Wolk,

I oppose SB457 in many regards, most notably the reduction of buffer zones around already protected areas. My family enjoys wildlife viewing in our many National and State Parks, and we were horrified to learn of the risk to animals within areas that are so-called “protected”, due to trappers exploiting the density of these populations. We cannot believe that it is even legal for bobcats to be trapped for their fur.

Please help preserve our wildlife heritage by opposing SB457, and pursue only policies that will protect our wildlife for future generations.

Thank you,

John Doe

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