Before the AB1213 agenda item was called, seven articulate fourth graders from an elementary school in
Fairfax, CA. spoke to the Commission, emphasizing the importance of protecting bobcats for their
generation. Their passion and intelligence moved everyone in the room, including the Commissioners who
amply expressed their admiration for the children.

You can find their inspiring testimony at:

The two state agencies involved in rulemaking on this issue are The California Fish and Game Commission (CFGC),which is made up of five appointed Commissioners who implement policy and hear public comment, and the California Department of Fish and Wildlife (CDFW) who enforces and administrates the decisions of the CFGC, as well as enforcing state and federal laws related to wildlife management.

Terry Mullen, the warden in charge of trapping activities for CDFW gave a presentation covering the two
options under consideration for regulating AB1213. Our preferred option is the statewide ban. The second
option before the commission is the zonal management system, in which some areas are prohibited but
many “high value” areas will remain open to trapping. The department felt that a ban would encourage
a percentage of trappers to go rogue, and remove the department’s ability to rely on legal trappers to help control poaching and illegal commerce..  CDWF also reported that they were not able to specify costs as set forth by AB1213, but that even a ban would have significant monetary needs. To this, one commissioner expressed his skepticism over the argument that legal trade helps control illegal trade, and another acknowledged the enforcement difficulties before the department but stated that his sympathies were not great enough to persuade him against considering a ban. Yet another commissioner noted that the police department has enforcement costs, but it’s still not legal to rob a 7-11 store. When asked if the ban on mountain lion trapping and hunting had brought poachers out in force, the warden replied in the negative.

Finally, one commissioner wanted to clarify the difference between emotion and philosophy by saying,
“philosophically I think bobcat trapping is repugnant.”. This brought an applauding room to it’s feet, and
echoed the earlier sentiments of one of the children who had choked back tears while calling the practice

At this meeting, it became clear that the momentum is growing statewide. An overwhelming outpouring
came from forty-two speakers, the largest number to date. Thirty-plus ban supporters included citizens,
wildlife rescues, a photo safari guide, a predator friendly rancher, humane pest controllers, and
representatives from notable groups such as The Humane Society of the United States, The Center for
Biological Diversity, Project Coyote, and the California Council of Wildlife Rehabilitators.

About a half a dozen speakers were in opposition to a ban, including a professional lobbyist representing
The Safari Club International, along with spokespeople for The California Houndsmen for Conservation,
the California Bowmen Hunters, the California Trappers Association, and the US Sportsmen’s Alliance.

CDFW will be delivering their overdue draft of regulations to the commissioners at the June meeting in Mammoth. The release of these long-awaited regulations will trigger a critical comment period, and offer specific directions for new talking points.

Final Discussion Hearing: June 9, 10, or 11 Mammoth Lakes, CA
Final Adoption Hearing: August 4 or 5, Fortuna, CA

Thanks, Everyone!
Thank you all for your tireless work to protect our California bobcats. May they live out their natural lives
never knowing the sacrifices that you have made on their behalf.

For more information on attending upcoming hearings or events related to protecting bobcats or to offer
support for those fighting for this cause, please contact or visit us on Facebook at
Project Bobcat for the latest news and updates.

Shout Out to the Mountain Lion Foundation
Acknowledgement goes to the Mountain Lion Foundation, who gathered well over 100 letters supporting a
statewide ban on bobcat trapping at their Earth Day table in San Diego, and displayed a photo banner in
memory of a beautiful family of cats that disappeared during the 2012-13 trapping season. The foundation
is continuing to take our cause on the road at the Whole Earth event in Davis on May 8, 9, and 10.
Thanks MLF, for helping us to get the word out!