Urge California Fish and Game Commission to amend Bobcat Protection Act

Deadline for comments: Nov. 20, 5 pm

Public Meeting in Van Nuys: Dec. 3, 8 am
Where: Airtel Plaza Hotel, 7277 Valjean Ave., Van Nuys, CA.

In order to complete implementation AB1213, the California Fish and Game Commission is meeting to discuss amendments to the Bobcat Protection Act on Dec. 3, 2014 at 8:00 a.m.

Your presence is needed to urge Commissioners to comply with AB1213, and to expand restrictions on bobcat trapping in California or to ban trapping statewide. Your attendance can determine whether implementation of the Bobcat Protection Act is strengthened or compromised, and to insure that protection is not postponed indefinitely.

Regardless of your ability to attend, it is urgent for all to send comments by Nov. 20 th , 5pm so that our statements can be included in the Commissioner’s briefing book. We cannot let this victory slip backwards into the hands of the pro-trapping community, which is expected to turn out at all public forums. By speaking up in numbers, there’s a good chance that we can influence the amendments regulations to even further benefit bobcats!

Submit comments to fgc@fgc.ca.gov and put Bobcat Protection Act or AB1213 or FGC Dec. 3, Item 14 in subject line, or fax to: (916) 653-5040. Comments addressed to Honorable Commissioner Executive Director Sonke Mastrup. Please be lucid and respectful.

Implementation of the Bobcat Protection Act is being slowed due to trapper’s objections that fees will increase in price. A key point of the bill mandated that the Fish and Game Commission was to conform to existing laws which requires the trapping program to be self-funded. Instead, the program continues to run at a deficit, benefiting trappers at the cost of the state (and taxpayer).

Furthermore, the Commission will be discussing strategies for creating buffer zones, and protected areas. Your input could help increase the number of areas in which bobcats cannot be trapped for their pelts.

 Talking Points:

  • Remind the Commission that license and tag fees must be raised to pay for the trapping program under current law, and that most of the commercially trapped bobcats are taken by a very small number of individuals.
  • Let the Commission know that you would like to see bobcat trapping banned for anything other than research or rehabilitation.
  • Inform the Commission of the valuable role of bobcats in ecosystem balance, our tourism economy, and any of your personal reasons for supporting bobcat protection or for opposing the trapping of bobcats for their pelts.

ALSO, At the December 3 meeting, item 5 on the agenda will be another important issue, regarding regulations that will prohibit coyote killing contests. You will be able to speak in person or write in on this as well. Project Coyote commented on behalf of bobcat protection in meetings at which trappers were present, but there were no supporters of AB1213.

-Please support our fellow predator defenders with separate comments on the coyote killing contests. Put Prohibit Inducements on Hunting Contests, or Sections 465 and 472 title 14, or Item 5, Dec. 3 FGC.