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Project Bobcat is extremely happy to share that Governor Jerry Brown has signed AB 1213, The Bobcat Protection Act into law on October 11, 2013. We thank everyone who has supported this cause and made this happen! We will continue to update this site with info and news related to this new law so please...

Bobcat bill approved by state Legislature would set no-trapping zones

By Louis SahagunSeptember 11, 2013, 12:05 p.m. A bobcat protection bill approved this week by the California Legislature would establish no-trapping zones around Joshua Tree National Park and other public parks and wildlife refuges throughout the state. The measure would also prohibit trapping of bobcats on private property without the written consent of the land...


Project Bobcat would like to thank everyone who has supported the passing AB 1213 over the last eight months!

Bobcat battle headed to state senate committee

BARSTOW • As wildlife advocates promote legislation that would limit bobcat trapping in the Mojave Desert, a Barstow-area man says he and other trappers have been unfairly painted as villains. An activist group based in Joshua Tree is promoting Assembly Bill 1213, dubbed the Bobcat Protection Act of 2013, which would make bobcat trapping illegal...

Video Feature: The Project Bobcat Story

Please share this exciting video feature, “The Project Bobcat Story,” by DeLeon Moving Pictures with your friends and contacts to help us get the word out on our cause:

Video Feature: Child of God: a short film by DeLeon Moving Pictures

Please share this exciting short film, “Child of God,” by DeLeon Moving Pictures with your friends and contacts to help us get the word out on our cause:

KABC Video: Joshua Tree residents, hunters battle over bobcats

JOSHUA TREE: Community rallies to stop bobcat trapping

By Mark Muckenfuss | Press-Enterprise The small community of Joshua Tree doesn’t have an official mascot. “The bobcat may well be it, unofficially,” said Seth Shteir, secretary for the Joshua Tree Chamber of Commerce. Since the discovery in January that the wildcats were being trapped along the border of Joshua Tree National Park, local residents...

Bobcats face deadly diseases, weakened immune systems from exposure to houshold rat poison

New study in Whittier-Puente Hills looks at mange deaths of healthy wildcats By Steve Scauzillo | The Sun Caught between the green lawns and the brown hills of Southern California is the North American bobcat, Lynx rufus.While not technically endangered, scientists as recently as June have watched healthy bobcats die of severe mange, a common...

“Bobschwitz”: Fans of Bobcat Slaughter Prove to be Own Worst Enemies

Editors note: The photo heading the article below (click link to view) pretty much sums up why we started Project Bobcat. Thanks to Steve Brown of the Sun Runner for publishing this article. If you are sickened and angry to see such a thing please help us pass the Senate floor vote next month. Stay...