Project Bobcat is making its final push to make sure AB 1213, The Bobcat Protection Act becomes law but we need your help to do so! We need everyone to phone their CA senator to let them know that you support AB 1213 and expect them to support it too! Please also encourage at least 5 of your friends and/or relatives to make the calls to their Senator as constituent support matters the most to these Senate members. To locate your senator, visit: Calls and letters may be mailed/faxed until Aug. 29th.

Please note that the opposition—meaning trappers with their funding from big trapping and hunting organizations with the fur dealers that profit—are out in full force, lobbying hard to pressure our CA Senators members to not support this bill!

REMINDER:  AB 1213, The Bobcat Protection Act still needs to pass out of the CA Senate Appropriations Committee (currently in suspense) so we are asking you to continue making phone calls on this Monday, Aug. 19th to help it through!

For a list of CA Senators part of the Appropriations Committee, a sample letter and contact info, visit this page at Project Bobcat:

We are also looking for local Morongo Basin-area volunteers to help us get the word out. If you are interested please contact us at:

For more information or to sign up for our Action Alerts, please visit:

Thank you for your support!
–Project Bobcat team.