We are a group of concerned Morongo Basin residents, property owners, business owners, and environmental activists that came together in an effort to ban bobcat trapping in our rural desert community, which abuts the internationally known and respected Joshua Tree National Park. Our fight started when a concerned local Joshua Tree resident found an unauthorized but licensed bobcat trap on his private property in January 2013.

In early 2013 many of us did not realize that seasonal hunting and trapping of bobcats was allowed by the state of California. Consequently, we were duly outraged by this incident and compelled to organize as a grass-roots movement to help educate our community on this important issue and create a united front urging our state officials and legislature to change outdated regulations which allow these negative and ecologically destructive activities in our backyards.

As residents and neighbors of Joshua Tree National Park, we value our local wildlife for its ecological value and beauty, and for the economic importance of the tourism our local wildlife helps sustain. Our goals are to educate the public on the significance of Lynx rufus (American bobcat) which is currently not a state or federally protected species; to revise current California Fish and Wildlife trapping regulations that allow unlimited seasonal trapping limit for bobcats in the state (DONE!); and most importantly to ban trapping activities within the Morongo Basin due to close our proximity to Joshua Tree National Park (DONE!). On August 5, 2015 we achieved one of our most important goals when bobcat trapping was banned statewide in California!