Project Bobcat is gearing up for a huge targeted letter campaign in our effort to convince California Fish and Game Commission to properly implement AB 1213 as previously voted into law—with the possibility that bobcat trapping be banned throughout the state. Please stay tuned for info on how you can help this happen. Sign-up for our Action Alerts at this site to receive important announcements.

In the meantime, please reflect on these 2013-2014 statistics taken from the annual “bobcat harvest” assessment provided by CA Fish & Wildlife: COMMERCIAL TRAPPERS CAUGHT & “HARVESTED” 1,292 bobcats in 2013-14 license year in CA—a 2% increase from the previous year. See:…/hun…/uplandgame/reports/bobcat.html for the full report.

Joshua Tree/ Morongo Basin residents: Our area trapper—not to be named here—legally TRAPPED & HARVESTED 46 local bobcats in the OUR AREA during the 2013-14 . THAT IS ONE SINGLE TRAPPER’S CATCH IN ONE SINGLE SEASON! Consider adding this info to your letter.

ABSTRACT (CA Fish & Wildlife 2013-14 bobcat harvest assessment)
“An estimated 1,639 bobcats were taken during the 2013-14 license year. Trappers took 1,292 bobcats, sport hunters took 308, and U.S. Department of Agriculture, Wildlife Services took 39. The total take increased 2 percent from the
2012-13 year take of 1,607. The average pelt price was reported this year as $390.00 (Table 4). The number of successful bobcat trappers increased from 80 as reported in 2012-13, to 93 during the 2013-14 season.
Data on the bobcat harvest were gathered through the process of tagging bobcat furs for export, the annual trapping report, bobcat hunter hunting tag reports, and U.S. Department of Agriculture, Wildlife Services records.”